Top MBA colleges in Bangalore

Top 10 MBA Colleges in Bangalore

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MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a popular course that has attracted quite a few eyes in recent years. The opportunities it offers to students are quite happening, and so is the scope of betterment! It is a two-year post-graduation course and harps on the concepts of business administration in a more holistic way!

However, a fact how well you are placed in the college under which you are training for the course is a deciding factor in your career. Very often, we tend to ignore the fact that it is not only the degree that has a say in your future endeavours, but the college also has a big contribution in shaping you as a professional.

In most cases, admission to top MBA colleges in Bangalore is governed by an all-India based examination, CAT. However, in many cases, the colleges have their admission test, which helps them assess which students stand a chance for admission. These exams are taken to have an understanding of the facts as to whether the students have an aptitude towards the subject or not! It is generally the ranking in the examination which decides which college you will get admission into.

The job opportunities offered after the course are quite promising, and in most cases, there are placement cells that ensure you have a job before completing the degree!

The Scope of MBA In Bangalore 

Now that we have understood the basics of the course and exactly what one can expect out of it, it is time to understand the MBA scope in Bangalore. Bangalore is a hub that is constantly budding with prolific MBA colleges. You might be wondering, out of all places, why should one focus on Bangalore only? After all, there are colleges in other parts of the country as well! The biggest reason you should aim for top MBA Colleges in Bangalore is that it is the IT hub of the country. Hence, once you complete the degree, the job opportunities will be much more affluent than any other city in the world!

As many would know, Bangalore is often addressed as the “Silicon Valley of India”, primarily because of the number of opportunities it provides to the students. Over the years, most major companies have found their base in Bangalore and have set up the best functional unit! 

Major companies like HCL, Amazon, TCS, Wipro and similar genres hire fresh MBA personnel’s every year with a promising salary range. Besides salary, an environment of growth has to be offered to the students, and that is exactly what Bangalore provides to the newbies. Not only for employment, even when you pursue the course there are ample opportunities for internships.

These internships allow the students to actualize their potential and understand how they would function in a professional corporate setting! With every passing day, this arrangement is becoming more promising and leaving students with no option but to settle in Bangalore for professional growth, particularly after pursuing an MBA!

Why Pursue MBA in Bangalore? 

Now that we have understood the scopes after pursuing MBA In Bangalore, it is equally important to analyze why you should take the big decision and pursue the course here. We have got three reasons which should be self-sufficient and help you analyze the reasons that ensure students pick Bangalore over any other city in the country:

●       Major IT Companies:

Bangalore is probably one of the only cities in the country with most of the prominent IT companies in the world. Every big name in the IT industry like Wipro, Capgemini, HCL, Dell has laid their foundation and offers promising positions to the MBA pass outs. There is an environment for constant betterment, and the work culture also ensures growth! It is one of the primary reasons why individuals from all over the country want to settle in Bangalore and pursue the course here as well!

●       Safe City:

For students to pursue a degree and get to the best of their careers, it is very important that the city is safe and does not invite any kind of trouble. It indicates that Bangalore is indeed safe as a city as well! The city is certainly free from any kind of unsafe activities, and this allows them an opportunity for actualizing the best of their potentials!

●       Best MBA Colleges:

Undoubtedly, we can say that Bangalore is home to some of the best MBA colleges in India. There are no two ways about the fact that getting a seat in these colleges is quite herculean, however, certainly not impossible. With the right kind of preparation, you will certainly get to study in promising colleges. The infrastructure and opportunities in these colleges are par excellence, and this allows students to constantly strive for the better.

10 Best MBA Colleges in Bangalore

Top MBA colleges in Bangalore

Now that we have researched the various aspects that make Bangalore one of the best cities to pursue an MBA. Let us analyze the top 10 colleges in the category. As MBA aspirants, you must set your aim on these colleges and work hard enough to secure a position in any of these institutions.

Indian Institute of Management (IIM, Bangalore):

When it comes to MBA in Bangalore, I am sure you are aware of which institute tops the list of top MBA Colleges in Bangalore. There is certainly no other better option than the Indian Institute of Management. IIM is an institution of quality education, and they do have branches across various parts of the country. However, the one located in Bangalore deserves a special mention due to the quality education provided to the students for years now. This prolific business school was founded in 1973 after the pillars of IIM Kolkata were laid. Since that year, they have been the pillars behind training some of the best minds in the field of Management even today. IIM Bangalore is known to have a very promising environment that allows students to be the best of the resources provided. 

Internships are a very big part of their curriculum so that the students can understand how to function in a professional setting. Securing a position in IIM is not very easy, however, if you have the right frame of preparation, the process becomes challenging, yet the result is rewarding!

TAPMI Manipal: T A Pai Management Institute:

Next in line of the list of top MBA Colleges in Bangalore is TAPMI Manipal. If you are looking for an institution that offers the students with the best kind of placements, TA Pai Management Institute is the one that you should aspire for. Founded in the year 1980, this college has seen the most promising minds in the field of management. Over the years, they have just widened their organization and ensured that students have access to the best of resources. As a premium institute in India, they have a team of the best faculty that play a very important role in deciding what the students aspire for in the long run! In case you are aspiring to secure a position to study in this premium institute, you have to compete with thousands of other students via the competitive all India examinations. TAPAI accepts CAT, GMAT as well as XAT scores.

However, one thing that certainly deserves special mention is how they have regulated the most promising placement cell. This cell connects students to promising job opportunities and ensures that they get the right placement which will allow them both monetary as well as working satisfaction.

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM, Bangalore):

Symbiosis is one name that is related to premium education, particularly in the field of business management. The one located in Bangalore is also correlated with quality education just like the Pune campus. Symbiosis Bangalore has offered students state-of-the-art technology with an equal inclination towards promising job roles during the placement drive. However, what deserves special mention is their world-class education management system which ensures that students are trained in the right way. Business administration is not an easy subject, however, making it more complicated will not render students any kind of long-term profit or understanding. This is the primary reason they have focused on simplifying the course and making it more practical in approach. The faculty team has been accredited by all the ex-students, and they can be simply referred to as the pillar of great knowledge and teaching! The campus is also set up in a lush green atmosphere which fosters better learning on behalf of the students! Along with these, many other reasons make it one of the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore. 

Amrita School of Business, Bangalore:

Affiliated to the University of Karnataka, Amrita School of Business is yet another big name when it comes to top MBA Colleges in Bangalore. Over the years they have been known to conduct the most effective placement drives, which have ensured that a huge percentage of the students gets the most promising job roles in the sector. Although it is a fairly new establishment with only 15 years of experience, the school has made its name in the field. Important quality education among the experience has always been the major motto of Amrita School of Business. They have ensured that students do not have a problem and they get access to not only quality education but great opportunities to give their career a boost. One of the best things about this business school is that they focus on practical learning, which helps the students move their minds from rote learning. This form of teaching also becomes exceedingly impactful when they try to establish a career in the corporate sector.

Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (XIME, Bangalore):

As the name would suggest, the Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship was established with the vision of inculcating a sense of entrepreneurship among students. Founded in 1991, they have constantly been the driving force behind teaching students about how to be successful entrepreneurs in the management domain. There are sufficient examples from this college that have established some of the most promising startups in the country. Today, the college beams with pride as the students learn how to not only get employed but even create employment options for others. The program offered by them is a full-time course and allows students to develop management skills over two years. You can secure a position in the institution with the rankings scored in exams like CAT, GMAT, CMAT, MAT as well as XAT. Completion of a bachelor’s degree is also very important in this aspect. The rich history of this institute makes it one of the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore. 

Christ University Bangalore, Institute of Management:

Christ University is one institution that has ensured that students have access to the best kind of Management resources. Hailing from a convent background, this university-trained student in the most professional manner. The university was established in the year 1969, and since then, they have just widened their horizons and ensured that more students get a chance to come under their wings. It is very important to mention that Christ University is one of the most promising institutions in the country and not just one of the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore, and hence it is quite difficult to maintain the balance. This institution focuses on the all-around development of the students. Hence, along with focusing on the management aspects, they ensure that students learn how to operate in the corporate sector. 

Christ University is also known to have the most promising placement cell, and each year they arrange the placement drive to help students connect better with job opportunities. It means that you are offered a job position, even before you complete your degree. Sounds promising, right?

Alliance School of Business, Alliance University:

Next in the list of top MBA Colleges in Bangalore is Alliance School of Business. If there is one college that has to be named for providing students with the most promising set of infrastructure, it is certainly none other than Alliance School of Business. Over the years they have incorporated some of the best technology and this has helped students manifold. The way of learning and teaching in Alliance School of Business is quite different from the other contemporary universities. They have focused on a more holistic and practical approach so that students should not have a problem functioning better in the corporate sector. They do have tie-ups with some of the best multinational companies in India, and these companies ensure that students have the right job role, which allows them to prosper more in their management careers. The best thing about this institution is that they focus equally on every student and ensure that they have developed hands-on training before they are employed.

Jagdish Sheath School of Management (JAGSOM, Bangalore):

Founded in 1995, the Jagdish Sheath School of Management is one of the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore: The Silicon Valley of India. The way they have trained students in the field of management has ensured that they rightfully secure the position of the top six business schools in the country. Every year, they offer MBA courses to students which allows them to develop in-depth learning of the field. Named after the prolific Mr. Jagdish Sheath, this institution is certainly one of the best in the field of management.

SDM Institute for Management Development (SDMIMD, MYSORE):

Established in 1993, the SDM Institute for Management Development is located in the beautiful city of Mysore, Karnataka. It is just a few kilometres away from Bangalore but is counted among the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore and offers students the most promising management education. This institution is a premium B-school for management experience, and they do offer a very promising environment for education. The best thing about this institution is that more than theoretical learning, you develop hands-on training. It helps you to understand how you can function better and actualize your potential in this field of management.

Indus Business Academy, (IBA, Bangalore):

Accredited as one of the deserving candidates of the top 10 management schools in India, the Indus business Academy is an institution when it comes to providing students with quality management education. Over the years they have just incorporated better strategies that allow students to have a complete understanding of how well the field works. Management is not an easy field; however, this college has ensured that students do not find it taxing to pursue the course and come out with flying colours. The faculty of this institution is quite promising, and they have a myriad of resources for the best possible aid of the students. Indus Business Academy is the last but not the least in our list of the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore. 


MBA in Bangalore is quite promising, and the best thing is the number of rising opportunities that the city provides to students. Bangalore is often credited with the title of Silicon Valley of India. It is truly deserved because this city offers a plethora of job opportunities and ensures that students have the right environment to channelize their potential. Once you become well-equipped as professionals, the opportunities will also get better and more affluent!


What are the specializations offered by top MBA Colleges in Bangalore? 

As we have already discussed, the MBA course is quite lucrative, and there are numerous specializations offered. Some of the most promising domains include finance, human resources, marketing, accounts, entrepreneurship, business communication and supply chain. Each of these specializations has a specific aim and ensure that students are equipped in the most promising way.

What are top MBA Colleges in Bangalore for MBA in Marketing?
MBA in marketing is a specialized course that ensures that students are well-adapted to the concepts of marketing and can secure a position in the same field. Some of the best colleges in Bangalore that provide MBA in the domain of marketing is Alliance University, Indian Institute of Management, Tapia Institution of Management and the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

What are top MBA Colleges in Bangalore for MBA in Finance? 
The sector of MBA in Finance is also quite well-developed in Bangalore and has some of the most promising colleges that offer in-depth learning to the students. Some of these institutions include the Indian Institute of Management, Christ University, and Symbiosis Institute of business management. The best thing about each of these institutions is that they have a specific placement cell that connects the students with the most promising job opportunities in the sector of MBA in finance.

Which are the popular MBA exams in Bangalore?

As we all know, MBA aspirants generally have to go through a series of exams to ensure that they secure a position in the top business schools. It is no different in Bangalore, where the universities have either their admission test or depend on the all-India entrance examinations. Some of the test exams which are highly accredited in Bangalore include PGCET, CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT and CMAT. All these examinations are all India competitive examinations, and hence the students have to secure good ranks so that they get admission to the top MBA Colleges in Bangalore.

What is the estimated annual fee to pursue an MBA in Bangalore? 

Pursuing MBA is not a very affordable option as most institutions, be it private or government, charge a hefty amount for the same. However, the government colleges have kept the bar low so that more students can afford the course. However, in most cases, it is seen that the average fee to pursue an MBA course in Bangalore ranged somewhere from INR 5 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs. This fee range could go up or down depending on the specialization sector you choose. Some colleges also offer scholarships programmed to students so that they do not face any financial constraints and can pursue higher studies.

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