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Kolkata or the city of joy is not just rich in culture. It is one city that facilitates a very safe environment for students who want to move forth and get the best out of their higher education. But before we talk about why this city is such a great place to study and find the top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata, it is equally important that we analyse what the MBA course is all about. MBA or Masters in Business Administration is a two-year-long postgraduate degree that opens a myriad of options for the students when it comes to finding a job.

There are certain institutions with no misconceptions about the fact that the city of joy does house some of the best MBA colleges in India, both from the private as well as the government background. Just like any other city in the country, admission to top MBA colleges in Kolkata is also governed with the help of all India based examinations. However, certain colleges run the examinations independently and ensure that the admission is based completely on a merit basis.

Kolkata is certainly one of the best cities for students and all for the right reasons. If you are thinking of building on your career and starting from a place that does offer ample options, Kolkata is certainly the city to go forthwith. There are an ample number of colleges and this offers a plethora of options for the students. One can study about these options in advance and then finally go forth with the option which suits their needs the best. We have tried to put forth some of the best options for management schools in Kolkata and ensured that you have a deep understanding of why one should select the city to pursue Masters in Business Administration.

Reasons You Should Certainly Choose to Pursue MBA from Kolkata

Top MBA colleges in Kolkata

With so many options out there, it is certainly a great pick as to which option you should choose when it comes to pursuing an MBA. Almost every metropolitan city has its perks and there are good colleges in each of them. Then why is it that Kolkata wins the game fair and square? Some of the major reasons why we think that you should proceed to with top MBA colleges in Kolkata include:

Cost Of Living:

We all know that as students, we often have to suffice in very little and Kolkata is the city that allows you to do so. The cost of living as well as other requirements like transportation is less when put in comparison with the other cities. Not only that, you can get accommodation options at fewer prices which are really in a good environment and fosters a positive atmosphere for moving forth with studies. The cost of living plays an important factor in student life, and Kolkata certainly offers a steal deal. If you want to choose an option that is sustainable and does not charge a hefty amount for minimum living, Kolkata is the choice that you should look forward to.

Safe Atmosphere:

When students shift to a new location, it becomes important to ensure that the location is safe. Commonly, students fall prey to vicious activities, which becomes detrimental to their careers and studies. Sometimes these also pose dangerous life risks and being away from family, there are no potent options for monitoring. However, the environment of Kolkata is family-centric, and you do not have to worry about overall safety.


The infrastructure of the city is built as such, that it allows students with all the required facilities when it comes to the genre of higher studies. MBA is a degree that needs one to have access to good teaching options and equally important study materials. Not many know that Kolkata is home to the biggest book market in Asia- College Street. This place brings forth all the required documents students might need for references. Besides that, the other infrastructure system is also well-built, which ensures that the students do not have to worry about anything. Besides the best MBA colleges in Kolkata, the students get to experience some great perks and environments.

Best Colleges:

When it comes to education, one factor that plays an important role is the number of good colleges that the city offers. Kolkata is certainly known to offer some of the best management schools. Most of these colleges are quite old and hence the experience they garner is par excellence. This city is known to house the best colleges which offer ample options to the students as well. Not only for private colleges but there are also ample options for government colleges. Kolkata does accommodate quite a few management aspirants and is hence known to be one of the best choices for students.

It is always preferred that when you choose a college for higher studies, you do pay attention to the various factors which are equally important in this respect. Going just by the college name could be detrimental as you can end up making a choice that is not good enough and can be problematic in the future. The city does play a crucial role in deciding which college you should move forth with and what your itinerary will be when it comes to management studies.

List of Top 10 MBA Colleges in Kolkata:

Now that we have fairly understood that Kolkata is home to several good management colleges, it is only fair that we analyse the options that take a lead. We have tried to talk about the top management schools in Kolkata, which students should certainly aspire for. There is a mix of both governments as well as private colleges for the students to choose from. Once you have selected what your desired option is, you can plan how to crack and secure a seat in the college.

1.           Indian Institute of Management

2.           Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

3.           International Management Institute

4.           Management Development Institute

5.           Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM)

6.           Globsyn Business School

7.           Calcutta Business School

8.           Xavier Business School

9.           Institute of Engineering and Management

10.         Praxis Business School

Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata:

When it comes to the field of MBA, there are probably very few aspirants who are not well aware of the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata. To secure admission to this prestigious MBA institution in Kolkata is the dream of many students. Not many know that the IIM Kolkata is one of the oldest and best management schools for MBA aspirants. Located in Joke, IIM Kolkata is certainly the best for pursuing your higher education. It is also the first college to be established under the IIIM family and is hence experienced the best as well.

The average cost of pursuing an MBA degree from this one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata falls around 15 lakhs to 25 lakhs depending on the specialization that you want to go along with. It is also equally important to mention in this respect that the institution does offer great job opportunities for the students who want to go into organizational functioning. The marks in your CAT examination will decide whether you secure a chance in this college or not.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Kolkata:

Just like IIM Kolkata, IIFM is yet another one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Kolkata known to provide students with ample good options for pursuing management studies. Not only full-time courses, but the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade also offers part-time courses for working professionals and yet want to aspire for higher studies. To stand a chance to study in the institution, you have to clear the GMAT examination and secure a good ranking as well. The admission is generally based on a counselling process that decides whether or not you secured a position.

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is one of the most prestigious business management schools in Kolkata, and they do have certain branches in other metropolitan cities as well. However, this particular brand is known to be one of the most experienced laws because of the very good team of faculty. The average fees to pursue MBA from IIFT ranges somewhere between 30-40 lakhs, depending on your arena of studies.

International Management Institute, Kolkata:

The International Management Institute, better known as IMI is one of the best private business schools in Kolkata. There is a common misconception among students that it is easier to go forth and crack examinations of private educational institutions. However, this is certainly not the case with IMI, Kolkata. The standard of this college is quite high, and students have to work hard to secure a position in the same. The institution was founded in 2010, and since then has stood as a testimony of quality education imparted to the students.

This top management school in Kolkata offers flagship programmes on a full-time basis as well as a part-time basis for the individuals who want to be working while they pursue higher studies. The institution is known to provide really good placement options as well and hence quite sought after among students. The fees generally tend to rotate between INR 14 to INR 24 lakhs and are dependent on your specific arena of study.

Management Development Institute, Murshidabad:

Although not located right at the heart of the city, the Management Development Institute is located in Murshidabad. It is an outskirt location from Kolkata that is quite well accomplished. This Institute is one of the most premium MBA colleges in West Bengal. It is a popular choice among students who want to aspire to a post-graduate degree in business administration. 

The college offers various full-time, part-time and diploma courses, which works in favor of students who want to accumulate a better understanding of the field. To facilitate better learning among the students, they have adopted the most comprehensive way and inculcated an interactive teaching method.

Located in Murshidabad, the students get accommodation options as well. It is a great institute if you want to pursue quality education without having to compromise much. The fees of the institution lie somewhere around INR 15 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs, however, the extra costs like accommodation are not included in this. You have to secure a seat in this institution by appearing in the All-India CAT examination.

Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata:

The Indian Institute of Social welfare and business management is yet another prominent school when it comes to pursuing MBA in Kolkata. It is known to be the best Government MBA College in Kolkata. Not only that, this institution is known to be the first institute that started to offer MBA courses to students in the entire Asian subcontinent. Since then, it has been accredited widely for quality education helped students analyses better in the field of Management Studies. The Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management is known to be one of the best b-schools in the country.

This leading institution, much like other premier management schools in Kolkata, offers not only full-time courses but also part-time and diploma learning courses. This college also has a very prolific database of prominent alumni like Shri Partha Chatterjee (honourable education minister of West Bengal), Arindam Sil, Sumantra Ghoshal and much more! The admission is based on an All India basis, and only the best students secure an admission.

Globsyn Business School, Kolkata:

The Globsyn Business School or popularly known as GBS is one great management institution in Kolkata. For the quality of education imparted to the students, this institution has been accredited as one of the top 5 business management schools in the entire eastern zone. This management school was established in 2002, and since then, they have just made the quality of education more profound. One of the best things about this business management school is the placement cell.

Although the Globsyn Business School is a private institution, they have a robust network of great placement options which provide students with actualizing job potentials. There are numerous program divisions offered under the MBA category, and students can choose the one which they find interest in! This institution can certainly be called one of the best private colleges for MBA in Kolkata.

Calcutta Business School, (CBA):

The Calcutta Business School, very often addressed as CBA is a top management school in Kolkata. The college is known to be one of the better-known autonomous institutions, and since its very inception, the focus has been to provide quality education among the students. They are known to have a team of very highly qualified individuals who help students to channelize their potential when it comes to the field of management. Not only that, this institution has popularly been accorded the status of one of the fastest-growing private institutions in Asia. The technology is certainly par excellence, and it offers students great growth potentials.

The college offers both full-time and part-time courses, which the students can choose from depending upon their requirements. There are quite a few good placement options as well as the institution has tied up with good job providing companies. There are a total of 120 seats and the examination guiding the admission is all Indian ones including, CAT, XAT, MAT and even GMAT. Being a private institution, the fees are in the steeper range and are diverse depending on the field to choose from.

Xavier Business School, Kolkata (XBS): 

The Xavier Business School is yet another one of the top MBA colleges in Kolkata. One of the best things about this management school is not only their quality of education but its state-of-art technology. It allows the students to actualize their potential better, and get access to the resources which will allow them to have better growth in careers. The Xavier Business School is another autonomous institution; however, this certainly does not hamper the quality of education they impart among the students.

The Xavier Business School is also known to focus on several extracurricular activities along with studies to train students better. The placement cell of this top management school in Kolkata is also quite well developed and ensures that the job opportunities offered are flattering. Not only for the full-time students but there are also complementary courses for those who want to move forth and pursue part-time courses. The fees depend on the course you pick up and want to specialised in.

Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata (IEM):

If there is one name in Kolkata that is synonymous with quality management education, then certainly IEM is the best option for it. Being a private MBA college in Kolkata, it has been able to get to the best of education and provide students with superb career options. The faculty team of this institution is par excellence, and they ensure that each student can grasp the basics of management in a smooth flowing manner. The Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, is one of the best in the field, and they do provide great infrastructure options as well. The institution was founded in 1989 and is affiliated with the MAKAUT board of education.

One of the better-known facts about IEM is that they have got an exceptionally well-built system of placements. There is a specific cell that connects the students with the best opportunities to suffice their requirements. It ensures that students do not have to undergo a tedious process when it comes to finding jobs. The price for the course is between INR 10-15 lakhs and depend on the specialization that the student chooses to move ahead with.

Praxis Business School, Kolkata:

Last but not the least, it is also really important that we talk about Praxis Business School, which is also a great management school in Kolkata. It is not exactly located in the interiors of Kolkata and is somewhere in the outskirts of a place often known as Barakat Road. Although the commute problem is a bit severe, students find flattering accommodation options as well. It is one of the very well-known AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Kolkata and is known for the quality education they impart. Praxis Business School is also one of those institutions which offer handsome scholarships to students. Located on a sprawling campus, it is a great option for students who want to build a career in management.

There are numerous courses offered in this institution, be it full time or part-time. All these courses have a duration of 2 years, following which there will be a placement drive. This institution is known to have tie-ups with some of the best companies in the country. The fee for this school lies somewhere from INR 10 lakhs to 12 lakhs. However, do remember that this does not include your accommodation charges.


When it comes to the field of Masters in Business Administration, there are surely numerous cities that are known to offer potent options for colleges. Be it government or private colleges, there is a right match for each student to rely on. However, Kolkata is one city that is known to offer the best management studies. Why so? It is always not about the colleges but sometimes about the student experience as well. Kolkata is a city that will offer you the best of student life experiences. To top that, this city is also known to house some of the best business management schools in India both private as well as government. If you are an aspirant and want to study in the same field, the colleges from Kolkata should top your list. They are known to provide quality education but without charging too much!


  1. Which specialization of MBA is most popular?

In Kolkata, there is an ample number of colleges both of private and government origin who provide you MBA specializations from various backgrounds. However, in most of these colleges, you will find that pursuing an MBA with a specialization in finance is the best bet. Not only that, numerous good organizations in the city itself value students having a specialization background in finance. Hence it can safely be concluded that an MBA in finance is one of the most popular choices for specialization in Kolkata.

  • What are the top career prospects after an MBA?

Once you have completed a postgraduate degree in MBA, numerous job opportunities open up for you. However, it is also dependent on which is your specialization and exactly what you experience. Some of the most common job opportunities that have opened up for students in this respect include business manager, programme leader, marketing manager, chief technology officer. With some experience, you can certainly aspire for executive roles like Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and of a similar category.

  • Which are the best MBA colleges based on placement opportunities in Kolkata?

We have tried to put a comprehensive view of which are the best MBA colleges in Kolkata. However, if we go by the placement requirement, then the Indian Institute of Management Joke, Glossy Business School, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade do offer some really good opportunities. They have tie-ups with numerous good companies and this automatically adds up to the credibility. The placement drives are initiated to ensure that the students are placed without having to worry much.

  • What is the estimated annual fee for pursuing MBA in Kolkata?

The estimated annual fee for pursuing MBA in Kolkata is not very uniform keeping in mind that there are both governments as well as private business schools. It is also highly dependent on the factor of which specialization you are choosing to go forth with. However, the annual estimated fee for pursuing an MBA degree from colleges in Kolkata starts from around INR 8 lakhs and it goes higher up from there. 

  • What is the selection process for MBA admission in Kolkata?

The selection process for admission to top MBA colleges in Kolkata is pretty much similar to the other cities. All India examinations like CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT and CMAT scores are taken into account. The marks in these examinations decide which college you can apply for. However, certain colleges do not take these examinations into account, and for them, you have to sit for the autonomous admission examination. The syllabus is pretty much similar, and it is completely based on merit.

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