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Top 10 MBA Colleges in Kerala

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The MBA course is quite lucrative, and it offers students with ample job opportunities. In this case, it becomes very important to understand the best states that students can go forth with and pursue the degree diligently to secure good job opportunities. MBA or Masters in Business Administration is one such course that helps students accumulate the basics of Business Administration. However, different MBA Colleges in India offer different specializations under the course, which allow the students to go ahead with their area of interest. 

Besides degree and specialization, what matters the most is the college the student chooses. Why so? Because good college renders good quality education, which will help the students in professional as well as personal aspects. A state that is known to be famous for its quality education is none other than Kerala.

Kerala is one state which is the only state with 100% literacy value. People in Kerala are extremely education loving people, and hence pursuing your PG education degree from a state like this is quite beneficial the aspirants can find some of the top MBA colleges in Kerela. Securing a seat in these prestigious colleges is not impossible, however certainly a little difficult. It is primarily the reason we are talking about the top 10 MBA colleges in Kerala. But before that, it is also important that we analyze, why Kerala is qualified to be such a great option for students who want to pursue MBA.

Kerala is unquestionably one of the best cities in the world for students. If you want to start your career and want to start in a city that has a lot of alternatives, Kerala is the place to go. There are several colleges to choose from, giving students a wide range of alternatives. One can learn more about these possibilities ahead of time and then choose the one that best matches their needs. We’ve attempted to present some of the greatest options in this regard, and ensured that you have a thorough grasp of why Kerala is the best place to study for a Master’s in Business Administration.

Why Should One Choose to Pursue MBA in Kerala?

Top MBA colleges in Kerala

A very common question that many students and parents often ask is why MBA in Kerala? There are various great options available in Kerala that make the choice better. However, it is also important to understand that the choice is also inspired by other features. We have tried to shortlist the best options as to why one should choose Kerala to pursue higher studies.

Quality Education:

One of the primary reasons why we believe that Kerala is the best place to continue higher education is because of the quality of education. As discussed earlier, Kerala is the only state which has a 100% literacy rate. It ensures that the students get the best quality education and has access to the very best resources. When it comes to a degree like MBA, it is essential to have access to the best resources, and Kerala allows you that boost.


The next best thing about Kerala is that it allows affordable options for students. Numerous states offer a hefty amount to not only study but for regular accommodation purposes. However, Kerala is certainly not one of them. The affordability factor has to be paid attention to, particularly for a student, hence Kerala always works as the best bet. Most cities in Kerala offer great options to students, and to afford your daily requirements, it can’t get better than this state. While studying in top MBA colleges in Kerela, students can even choose to indulge in part-time jobs.

Ample Specializations:

When it comes to pursuing an MBA or Masters in Business Administration, there are an ample number of options. Usually, the MBA postgraduate degree comes with a lot of specialization options, including human resources, investment management, banking finance, data analytics, business management, etc. Students can choose their arena of interest and aspire to build a lucrative career around the same. Top MBA colleges in Kerala offer a lot of options when it comes to specialization.

Best Minds In MBA:

When a student aspires to build on a particular career, they must analyze, whether the faculty options are good enough. The best thing about Kerala is that they have some of the best minds when it comes to MBA. For students who want to look forth for the best educational experience, Kerala is a great option. The faculty of each college is quite well, and this ensures that students can aspire for the best possible quality of education.

Whenever you start to select colleges, states do play a very important role. Not only that it is also very important to analyze the opportunities that a state generally puts in front of the students. Students should always move forth to a city or state that offers them enough resources to actualize their potential and certainly, Kerala is one such state. For years this state has strived to help students with the very best when it comes to the intricacies of MBA.

Top 10 Management Schools in Kerala:

Kerala makes up such a great option for pursuing a postgraduate degree like MBA. Kerala is a state which provides students with the best study options and also equal promising job roles. We have tried to put forth a detailed analysis that will help you analyze the best business management schools in Kerela.

  1. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode
  2. SCMS Cochin School of Business (SCMS), Cochin
  4. Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kozhikode
  5. Albertian Institute of Management, Cochin.
  6. Indian school of business management & Administration (ISBM)
  7. Oriental Institute of management studies (OIMS)
  8. Amrita School of Business, Kollam
  9. LEAD College of Management, Pallakad
  10. Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam

Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Kozhikode:

Hailing from the Indian Institute of Management family, IIM Kozhikode is an institution when it comes to the best management schools in Kerala. Located in Kozhikode, this institution has been providing students with quality education in management studies. Founded in 1996 IIM Kozhikode has been able to train some of the best minds in the field of Management. One of the best factors of IIM Kozhikode is that they have a set of faculties, who are compared to gems. Every alumnus of this college has spoken highly of the faculty members.

Numerous courses are offered under the domain of MBA at IIM Kozhikode. However, the base fees of this one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Kerela lie somewhere around INR 10 lacs for the entire tenure, which is payable in instalments. Depending on the specialization, this number can go higher up or down.

SCMS Cochin School of Business (SCMS), Cochin:

SCMS or very popularly known as the School of Communication and Management Studies, located in Cochin, is another prolific Business School in Kerala. One of the best-known facts about this management college is that it provides quality education to the students, and this does not get compromised under any criteria. It is certainly ranked as one of the top business schools not only in Kerala but in the entire country. There are numerous full-time and part-time courses offered to students which they can take up depending on their preference. Being one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Kerela, it holds regular placement drives to connect students with potential job opportunities.

The fees for the School of Communication and Management Studies are subject to the area of specialization. Not only that, whether the student is pursuing a full-time or part-time course also plays a major role here. However, the average fee is around INR 3.7 lakh, and it goes up from there.

Rajagiri Business School, Kochi:

Located at the heart of Kochi, this business school is certainly one of the best options for the aspirant to get admitted to the top MBA college in Kerala. The Rajagiri Business School or popularly known as RBS was established in 2008 and since then have been a testimony of quality education when it comes to Management Studies. One of the best things about RBS is that the faculty not only give attention to theoretical knowledge but practical learning sets precedence. It is certainly true that without understanding how to implement theoretical knowledge, the entire 2-years of post-graduation degree goes to vein.

The total fees for pursuing MBA from Rajagiri business school starts from INR 6 lakhs, and it goes up from that depending on which is the specialization that the student is opting for. However, one of the best things about this college is that you can pay the fees in instalments without having to worry about one-time payments.

Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kozhikode 

The Cochin University of Science and Technology is one of the best government colleges in Kerala for pursuing Management Studies. This prestigious institution was founded in the year 1971, and in total it has three branches spread across various parts of Kerala. Although they do have other departments, the Wealth Management branch is known to be one of the best and trains every student with potent care and attention. This college is certainly one of the oldest colleges in Kerala, which is known for imparting quality education among students. Although it is a government college, it aspires to provide students with various resources important for their academic growth.

If you want to secure a seat in the prestigious Cochin University of Science and Technology, you must appear for all India examinations like CAT, MAT & CMAT. The average fee for pursuing MBA from this university lies somewhere around 1.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs depending on the domain.

Albertian Institute of Management, Cochin:

The Albertian Institute of Management located in Cochin, Kerala is one of the best examples of top MBA colleges in Kerala. The best thing about this institution is that they provide quality education to the students who want to aspire for the best in the management field. Not only regular MBA courses, but this institution also focuses on providing distance postgraduate and diploma management courses to the students.

The fees required for completing an MBA from the Albertian Institute of Management, Cochin is around INR 5 lakh rupees. However, the fees can be paid with the help of instalments on the completion of each semester.

Indian school of business management & Administration (ISBM):

Established in 1992, the Indian School of Business Management and Administration is certainly one of the best management schools in Kerala. Since its very inception, they have managed to uphold the quality of education. The best thing about this institution is that they have a team of highly qualified professionals, who are not only prolific in the field of Management but also train the students in the right way. Apart from full-time Management courses, one can also choose to pursue part-time as well as diploma courses in management which are equally valid in the professional world.

When it comes to the fees of the Indian School of Business Management and Administration, it is pretty much at par with the other MBA universities in Kerala. The price is somewhere around INR 1.5 lakh and it can alter a little bit depending on which is the specialization that the student is opting in for. Not only for quality education the university is also known because they hold highly effective placement drives to help students find good job opportunities.

Oriental Institute of management studies (OIMS):

When we are talking about the top 10 management schools in Kerala, it would be a major crime if we do not mention the Oriental Institute of Management Studies. The motto of this institution is to offer students not only good quality education but also equally promising job opportunities. The ultimate agenda of pursuing a postgraduate degree is to ensure that the students can have a good professional standing and Oriental Institute of Management Studies allows the same. There are also great options for students who want to pursue the course while they are working somewhere as professionals.

To secure a seat in the Oriental Institute of Management Studies, you have to secure good marks in the CMAT or CAT examination. The fees for pursuing MBA from this college starts from one lakh rupees per year and can alter depending on the final option that you go forth with for specialization.

Amrita School of Business, Kollam:

Although built as a multi-disciplinary institution, the business located in Kollam is well known for management college in Kerela. If you want to get trained with the intricacies of management studies and understand exactly how to work in a corporate sector, then this college is just right for you. The very base of this college is built on the ethics of professionalism, and since its very inception, you will learn how to function in a professional setting. The Amrita School of Business is known for training students to the best of their capability and the resources are also par excellence which allows for better concept consolidation of the students.

Another great feature about the Amrita School of Business, as noted from the alkali is that the faculty is extremely supportive and will help you actualize your potential to the best. The money required for completing the entire course on MBA is somewhere around INR 6.65 lakhs, and it can go a little bit higher if you choose to select an executive MBA course. This top B-school in Kerela also offers diploma program courses, which will help people already working as professionals.

LEAD College of Management, Palakkad:

Approved by AICTE, LEAD College of Management located in Palakkad, is known for providing students with state-of-the-art technology and the best possible resources in the field of management studies in Kerala. As students, you can choose to aspire for either the executive MBA degree, or you can even choose to pick up the part-time option, which is great for boosting your professional ranking. There are also numerous options for those students who aspire to become an entrepreneur and initiate their startups. Since its very inception, the major motto of this top MBA college in Kerela has been to provide excellent education to students who want to do something in the field of Management.

This institution is known to offer MBA courses across various branches like human resources, finance and even executive program or diploma program for working professionals. The fees rotate somewhere around INR 3.60 lakhs, and it can go up from that, depending on which is the course you choose to aspire for.

Saintgits Institute of Management, Kottayam:

Last but not the least, the discussion on the top 10 MBA colleges in Kerala would not be complete if we do not talk about Saintgits Institute of Management located in Kottayam. One of the striking factors about this management school in Kerela has been that they focus on professionalism and ensure that students are trained to the best of their capability. Since its very inception, they have focused on ethics more than theoretical knowledge and this has led the students to work profoundly well in the practical field of Management. Just like most other universities in Kerala that offer MBA courses, this institution also offers postgraduate degrees, which are full-time as well as part-time or even diploma courses.

Just like any other college in Kerala, the fees for pursuing an MBA from Saintgits Institute of Management in Kerala starts from INR 2.20 lakhs per annum. This course is a two-year programme and there are tons of special programmes offered to students who want to aspire to fields like human resources, business management or even entrepreneurship. The faculty team of this college is built in the best way, and they allow students to have a full-blown actualizing career in management.


MBA is a great course to pursue, keeping in mind the fact that you move ahead and make something out of the degree proactively. When it comes to Kerala, there are certainly ample options, and all of these are prolific if you want to go to a good college. It is certainly a bit difficult to secure a seat in any of the MBA colleges in Kerela because of the sheer competition; however, with a little hard work you can certainly aspire for the same. Just like the other states in India, Kerala also abides by all India competitive exams for MBA like CAT, MAT, CMAT, XAT and even GMAT. However, the admission is based on a merit basis and your result will decide which college you can aspire for.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Which specialization of MBA is most popular?

This is a completely subjective question and depends on what the interest of the student is and exactly which is the field that they aspire for in the job sector. However, going by the current trends, it is seen that students who have a bit of job experience are opting in for the executive MBA, which can help them aspire for higher positions in the organization. There are other specializations as well like human resources, business management and finance, which is good enough and offer students with flattering job opportunities. If you also aspire for potent job opportunities, MBA is certainly a good choice, to begin with.

  • What are the top career prospects after an MBA?

The top career prospects in Kerala after pursuing MBA are quite manifold. Not only can students choose to aspire for getting hired by organizations, but they can also very easily choose to initiate their very own startups or entrepreneurial ventures. When it comes to companies, most of them offer MBA pass-outs with job growth opportunities. Some of the best options when it comes to career prospects in Kerala after an MBA include- business or project manager, marketing officer, finance manager. If you have a bit of experience, you can very easily choose to aspire for executive positions which are better paying and have a better standing in the job sector.

  • Which are the best MBA colleges based on placement opportunities in Kerala?

When it comes to the best MBA colleges in Kerala, we have tried to provide you with a holistic list of the top 10 colleges in Kerala. All of the options mentioned above have really good placement. It is shown in most cases, they connect the students with apt job opportunities without them having to worry much. When it comes to the domain of placement some of the best job opportunities are offered by institutions like the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Amrita School of Business, Rajagiri Business School.

  • What is the estimated annual fee for pursuing MBA in Kerala?

As we have already discussed in the opening of this article, Kerala is a great option for students who want to pursue an MBA post-graduation. Most of the colleges, be it a 

government or private, do not charge hefty amounts for pursuing MBA. The average price starts from around INR 1.25 lakhs, and it goes up from there depending on the college specification and the domain of specialization. If you are looking for the annual fee of colleges, then it is best to get in touch with them because the fees do change every year. However, for the executive MBA, the fees in all colleges are a tad bit higher when compared to the regular MBA.

  • What is the selection process for MBA admission in Kerala?

The selection process for MBA in Kerala is pretty much similar to the other states in India. When it comes to securing a seat in the top MBA colleges in Kerala, All India competitive examinations are put into consideration, and the entire admission procedure is merit-based. Some of the exams whose results are taken into account include – CAT, MAT, CMAT, XAT and even GMAT. There are a few colleges that even offer admission to students by holding autonomous admission tests.

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