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In the recent few years, management courses have seen a rise. Not only does this course train students in the right way, but it offers promising job roles to MBA graduate. When it comes to shortlisting among the best MBA Colleges in Delhi, the choice is not very easy because there are ample options. However, we have tried to make the search more comprehensive and ensure that students get the best choices when it comes to MBA colleges. The capital city of India provides promising options to students, and more often than not, the colleges focus more on practical learning.

Giving students this upper hand to practice what they learn is important to foster a sense of practical learning. In the long run, it is not always the theory that aids, but in most cases, how you simplify the learning also plays a lot of importance. An MBA degree is one of the most profitable post-graduate courses to pursue, thus it may be the best option. MBA is a degree that enables you to make better market-based judgments as well as gain that extra bit of theoretical understanding. After all, every organization needs someone who can make decisions rather than just following orders, and an MBA allows you to do so with ease. In this post, we’ll discuss why you should seek this degree, as well as, some of the best options that make their name on the list for the top 10 MBA colleges in Delhi NCR.

Top Specializations Offered at top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR:

Before we delve deep and talk about the best management schools in Delhi, it is very important to understand what are the specializations under the same. This will help the students to understand what each domain is about and which specialization the students should pick up for a lucrative career. As most of us would know, MBA colleges do come with a myriad of specifications and students are often not very well-versed about which domain they should move forthwith. Hence, it is best to analyze factors like job potentials and scope for future growth to settle upon one specialization. Some of the best divisions under this regimen includes:

●    MBA In Finance:

As the name suggests, MBA in finance ensures that students are well-adapted to the various schemes of financing. It encompasses various businesses and companies.

●    MBA In Human Resources:

This specialization focuses on training students to develop a career in the field of human resources. An HR manager is entrusted with a myriad of responsibilities that ensures that the company has a smooth functioning for the long run.

●    MBA In Marketing:

If you have a knack for the field of marketing, then MBA in the same would be a great option. An MBA is certainly a great option to make your skills better and secure a great position in any marketing company.

●    MBA in Entrepreneurship:

Do you aspire to build a domain of your own and move forth and be called an entrepreneur? MBA in Entrepreneurship is just the right course for you. This training course ensures that you can grasp the basics of entrepreneurship and build a successful startup for your name. This is particularly focused on those who want to do something of their own or serve under any other entrepreneurial venture.

●    MBA in International Business:

The International Business degree is a full-time two-year course and is focused on training students with the best of international business. If you are fascinated by domains like the intricacies of the international business world, then this course is the best fit for you. You can choose to do internships as well as build on solid careers depending on this particular domain.

●    Executive MBA:

This particular field of management has garnered immense popularity in the past few years because of the scopes it has offered to the students. The course is well-developed for those who want to build a career for themselves in the executive position of any corporate company and gain proficiency. Executive MBA is certainly a great option for those who want to achieve job profiles like CEO, CFO, COO etc.

Admission Criteria for Management Schools in Delhi NCR

MBA Colleges in Delhi

When it comes to getting admission to the top 10 MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR, it is very important to understand the procedure and the ways to secure a position in the same. We have tried to break down the various aspects to make it easy for the students to understand the same. The admission procedure for both the undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses are as follows:

●    Undergraduate Courses:

If you are wondering about the process for getting into an undergraduate course in the field of management, then let us tell you that it’s quite straightforward. Students have to clear the 10+2 examination from any recognized board of education and score a minimum of 50%. No matter what the board of passing the examination is, this score is a bare minimum for you to get admission. There are also admission tests conducted by various universities and colleges to ensure that the admission is based on a merit basis. This allows students to have a fair admission even if the class 12 marks are not up to the mark.

●    Post-Graduate Course:

If you are aspiring to secure a position in the postgraduate management degree, then you must pass the 10+2 examination from any recognized board of education. Not only that, you have to pass the graduate degree in any domain. The admission gets secured when the students appear for the various entrance examinations, depending on the area you choose to specialised in. There are various admission examinations for postgraduate degrees in management like CAT, MAT, GMAT, CMAT, XAT, IPU and the UPSEE.

How To Select the Best MBA Colleges in Delhi/NCR?

We have already discussed that there are quite a few names that qualify as the best MBA colleges in Delhi. However, certain factors will help you bifurcate the selection and pick up a suitable option. 

●    Student Quality:

It is a very important factor that often gets ignored. The quality of students automatically assesses how your campus life is going to be. It is often from your fellow batch mates you learn the promising theories of the course and not only rote learning.

●    Placement Cell:

The ultimate agenda of pursuing a professional degree is to get a good enough job role. This factor is paid attention to by the top 10 MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, which have a placement cell that connects the students with promising job roles.

●    College Background:

The more a college has been in the domain and provided expertise, automatically their experience will also be much better. A college background plays a very important role, particularly when it comes to management schools. Hence, always ensure that you rely on a good college with a reputable background.

●    College Location:

If the college location is too far away, avoid choosing it unless you have accommodation nearby. Travelling for long distances too long will strain your mind and will remove your focus very easily. 

●    Infrastructure And Fees:

The infrastructure of the college, as well as, the fee of the same, is very important to assess. If you end up signing for a college that charges humongous fees, then it might become a financial burden. You could also choose to select colleges that offer scholarships to meritorious students.

List Of Top 10 MBA Colleges in Delhi Based in NIRF 2021:

Although there are ample management schools in Delhi, in this article, we have tried to put forth the top 10 MBA Colleges in Delhi, NCR relying on the NIRF 2021. It will help you shortlist the best picks for a lucrative career. Most of these colleges offer promising job roles because the placement cell is very well developed. Some of the top 10 options in this list include:

1.         Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi

2.         Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

3.         Indian Institute of Foreign Trade

4.         IMI Delhi – International Management Institute

5.         IIM Rohtak

6.         Amity Business School (ABS), Noida

7.         Jamia Millia Islamia [JMI]

8.         IMT Ghaziabad

9.         School of Management, BML Munjal University

10.       FORE School of Management

Department Of Management Studies, IIT Delhi: 

IIT Delhi is one of the most promising institutions in Delhi, and hence the management domain is also very well developed. Located in Hauz Khas, this institution is known to be the best and all for the right reasons. Being of the top 10 MBA Colleges in Delhi, it has a faculty team that is par excellence and teaches students the best of management studies. Not only that, securing a position in this institution is quite difficult, but it is certainly not impossible.

 If you have the right aim, it will certainly help you to build the best of your career. The institution has a great placement cell, and the infrastructure is also par excellence. All you need to do is have the right approach to secure a seat. The institution was founded in 1933 and to date continues to attract the best minds of the field.

Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon

The Management Development Institute, located in Gurgaon is par excellence and rightly falls under the category of top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR. It is one of the best management schools not only in Delhi but in the country as well. They do offer a myriad of specializations and depending on the interest of the students, they can choose the one which suits them the best. The institution was developed in 1973 and has been an embodiment of great education from its very inception. It is known to offer more than 100 courses in various aspects of management in the full-time and part-time genres. The placement cell is also very well-equipped and offers students ample job opportunities.

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade:

The Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, or very often known as IIFT has ranked third in the NIRF list. This top management institute in Delhi is not only known for its great infrastructure, but also for a highly experienced and qualified team of faculty. The faculty has been constituted of some of the best minds in the field of Management. It has both postgraduate as well as undergraduate degrees for full-time as well as part-time students. There is a place in the cell which connects students with potential job opportunities.

IMI Delhi – International Management Institute:

The International Management Institute is recorded as one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi. It also has branches in Kolkata as well as Bhubaneswar, however, the one located in Delhi is simply the best on the chart. The institution was established in 1981, and since then, it has held up the great quality of service provided. It is believed that IMI Delhi is one of the very first corporate sponsored business schools and was funded by none other than the Genka group. The institution is located in a serene green atmosphere which fosters better learning in students. Throughout the years, this institution has been successful in training great minds in management who have achieved quite a bit in the field. The placement cell of IMI is quite well-built, and they do have good connections as well.

IIM Rohtak:

IIM Rohtak or the Indian Institute of Management located in Rohtak is a top Institution in Delhi for management studies. Although it was developed in 2010 and is fairly a new kid in the block, the expertise developed is quite well appreciated. Not only the undergraduate or postgraduate courses but IIM Rohtak is also known for the doctoral programs which they have launched in recent past years. This institution is highly accredited for the infrastructure they provide and the facilities which have been garnered to the students for years. Since it is one of the top 10 MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, it offers job opportunities to students from various big multinational companies like Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys as well as Wipro.

 Amity Business School (ABS), Noida:

Securing the sixth position, Amity Business School Noida holds a potent name as the best MBA college in Delhi NCR. One of the best things about this institution is that they offer high-end infrastructure, which helps in the practical assimilation of the students. Amity Business School is particularly new in the field, and yet they have managed to make a name of their own. The placement cell is so well-equipped that they have a 90% record, which means that among all the students who have participated in the placement drive, a total of 90% of them have secured promising job positions. Along with the infrastructure and placement cell, the faculty also receives a special mention. This institution has been known to train quite a few geniuses in the field of management.

Jamia Millie Islamia:

Jamia Millia Islamia certainly deserves a special mention when we are talking about the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. Not only for the field of Management but this institution is also known for other fields of study. The Jamia Millia Islamia institution is one of the premium colleges for management, and they are known to be the best in the field for all the right reasons. It was originally established in 1920 although in 1935 some basic revisions were done. However, it was not until 1962 that the status of a university was granted to the institution by the UGC.

IMT Ghaziabad:

IMT Ghaziabad or the Institute of Management Technology is a great option when it comes to top management schools in Delhi NCR. It is a private business school, and the infrastructure provided by the institution is par excellence. Founded in the year 1980, it has stood as a strong pillar of Management Studies. Securing a seat in the institution is not very easy, however, it does get by the way it trains students in the field.

School Of Management, BML Munjal University:

School Of Management, BML Munjal University, which is ranked among the top 10 MBA colleges in Delhi, is undoubtedly the best of the bunch. This institution is likewise regarded as one of the most prominent in Delhi. Since it is a private MBA college in Delhi, it conducts its own entrance exam, and seats are provided based on the results. Because admittance is solely based on merit, students must work exceedingly hard to be eligible for a spot. The university has offered several full-time and part-time Management programmes since its founding. The part-time Management courses are suitable if you are already employed and wish to improve your educational qualifications.

FORE School of Management:

The FORE School of Management is also a great option for management schools in Delhi. It is a private business school, and hence it does have its entrance examination as well. It was founded in 1981 and has been rightly securing a position in the list. The institution’s infrastructure is also quite well-developed, with centrally air-conditioned classrooms, functional WIFI, and well-built hostel rooms. There is also a well-developed placement cell, which provides students with excellent work chances. Because of the partnerships with leading multinational firms, students are frequently provided work opportunities that allow them to realize their potential.


MBA is indeed one of the most in-demand courses, and pursuing the same could boost your career. All you need to do is rely on a good Institution for the best possible training in the field of Management.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Which specialization of MBA is most popular in Delhi NCR?

When it comes to MBA, the options are quite varied in terms of specializations. However, the most popular ones in this field include business management, marketing, finance, human resources, entrepreneurship as well as international business. All these fields are quite well developed in Delhi and offer promising job positions to those who want to develop a career for them as well in the field of MBA. Numerous companies hire for these job positions and offer promising salary packages as well.

  • What are the top career prospects after an MBA?

When it comes to career prospects after pursuing MBA, the options are quite widespread and depend on the particular specialization you choose. Some of the best options that you can choose include project manager, entrepreneurship, human resources manager, sales manager, marketing executive and much more. The executive position can also be promised after a few years of experience.

  • Which are the best MBA colleges based on placement opportunities?

There are ample good options for MBA colleges in India, both private as well as government ones. However, some of the best colleges for MBA in India based on placements include, the Department of Management Studies under IIT Delhi, IIM Kolkata, FMS Delhi, IIM Bangalore, IMI Delhi and much more. These institutions most often have a dedicated placement cell that takes up the onus of connecting students with potential job opportunities.

  • What is the estimated annual fee for pursuing MBA in Delhi?

The estimated annual fee for pursuing MBA in Delhi tends to differ from one college to the other. Not only that, there is a difference depending on whether the institution is a private or a government-owned institution. However, the basic fee for this two-year course will range somewhere between 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs. Also, remember that this cost is only for the educational fees, and does not include your hostel or other requirements.

  • What is the selection process for MBA admission in Delhi?

The selection process for MBA admission in Delhi is similar to other cities in the country. You have to pass the 10+2 examination from a recognized board of education and an undergraduate degree from a management background. To secure admission in any of the MBA colleges, whether it is private or government, you have to go through a mandatory admission test, like CAT, MAT, GMAT or XAT.

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