NEET Pattern

NEET Exam Pattern

NEET is under the surveillance of NTA. NEET is a comprehensive exam with a structured exam pattern. NTA has launched NEET exam pattern and as per the latest updates, the exam question pattern is simple. Keep on reading further to understand NEET exam pattern 2021.


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NEET Exam Pattern

On July 13, the National Testing Agency (NTA) released the NEET 2021 test pattern in an information pamphlet. Even though the overall pattern has remained the same, the NEET 2021 structure has changed. The revised NEET 2021 test pattern provides applicants with a wider range of questions to tackle.

The new NEET 2021 exam pattern was created to determine the top students for medical and nursing dental courses. Candidates who want to do well in NEET 2021 should be familiar with the exam pattern. The NEET exam pattern 2021 will feature details such as the method of examination, marking scheme, and examination duration.

Exam Structure Highlights

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NEET Question Paper Overview

 The NEET question paper 2021 will consist of three subjects. According to the new NEET 2021 test pattern; the subjects are: physics, chemistry, and biology. Each one will be split into two parts. Unlike previous year, the Biology part will not have the largest weighting, and questions will be evenly distributed. The table below shows the weighting and breakdown of the question paper per section.

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The following instructions needs to be considered for exam pattern-

  • In section A, all the questions are compulsory to attempt.
  • In section B, the candidate has the choice to attempt any 10 questions out of 15.
  • It is an advice for the candidates to read all the questions carefully and attentively. Even if the candidate attempts more than 10 questions, first 10 questions will be evaluated by the examiner.

Language options in exam

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1. Are there major changes in NEET exam pattern?

NTA monitors NEET exam pattern. The NEET exam pattern 2021 has changed a bit. There are changes in structure, number of questions and weightage. Rest, the syllabus and subjects are same.

2. What is the total number of questions in NEET exam?

In the NEET final exam, the question count is 180. These will MCQ based only. A candidate can only choose his or her preferred mode of language.

3. Are there any descriptive questions in the exam?

As of currently, the NEET only has Multiple Choice Questions. There will be four options for each question, one of which will be accurate.

4. What languages as a candidate I can choose for NEET exam?

A student can choose language out of the available 13 languages. NEET gives option to choose from- 13 languages and they are- English, Odia, Hindi, Assamese, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu and Marathi.

5. Is there any negative marking for the un-attempted questions?

Negative marking is done for the answers attempted wrong. Skipped or un-attempted answers have no negative marking.

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