NEET College Predictor

NEET college predictor 2021 is a paid tool offered by many online educational analysts which helps the students predict the chances of getting admission in medical colleges via NEET entrance exams conducted by National Testing Agency.

In simple words, NEET 2021 college predictor based on marks is a tool that predicts the probability of getting into the medical colleges based on the rank scored in the NEET exam. However, NEET college predictor is not 100% accurate and is a speculation about the list of colleges you might get into after clearing their NEET examination. This speculation is based on the ranks and previous years’ cut-off of various medical colleges.

This post will explain everything you need to know about the NEET-UG college predictor 2021.

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What is a NEET college predictor?

NEET college predictor on the basis of rank is a college predictor tool designed for medical aspirants. It predicts the probability of getting into the medical colleges based on the NEET exam score. It helps students choose the right medical college based on their rank in the NEET examination. These NEET college predictors show a list of colleges based on the different quotas like the All-India Quota, State Quota, and Deemed Universities.

Benefits of using a NEET college predictor

Marks Badhao takes data of various central and state NEET counseling bodies like MCC that offer medical courses. Then a database is prepared. This data helps candidates analyze the probability of getting into a college as per their performance in the NEET examination 2021. Here are a few other benefits of the NEET college predictor 2021 free:

●    The colleges listed by the college predictor tools mentally prepare the students to get into a college.
●    The colleges provided in the predictor list are based on the teaching faculty, infrastructure, student reviews, and more. This helps the candidates to analyze and prepare for the college they are getting as per their scores.
●    It analyses the true potential of the student and where they stand in this competitive world.
●    This tool helps the medical aspirants to aim and work towards getting into the right college at the right time based on their performance.

How does NEET college predictor work?

The NEET college predictor 2021 based on marks works on the framework of the NEET previous years’ ranks. After analyzing the last years’ ranks, it compares them with the present year’s ranks. The college predictor then offers a list of colleges that will open admission based on your scores.

All you need to do is enter your NEET examination 2021 marks, the state you live in, and your caste/category (General, OBC, SC/ST, PwD, and more). Our NTA NEET college predictor provides a list of colleges under different categories like “All India Quota,” “State Quota,” and “Deemed University Quota.”

The Marks Badhao NEET college predictor completely works based on the data you have entered. The higher the accuracy of your marks, the more accurate is the list of college names.

Qualifying Marks for NEET examination 2021
Here are the minimum qualifying marks required for NEET 2021 examination:

table here

Predict your rank
based on your

NEET score

NEET Cut off

NEET cut-off marks are the minimum marks you need to obtain to get into the top medical college. The major factors that will determine the NEET cut-off 2021 are the number of students appearing for the NEET exam, the difficulty level of the examination, number of seats available for different categories in different colleges. Here is the expected NEET examination cut-off of this year:

table here

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NEET UG counseling 2021

NEET counseling refers to the seat allotment process for all the medical colleges and universities in India by the Medical Counselling Committee/Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Government of India.

NEET counseling is usually done by all the quotas, i.e., 15% in All India Quota, 85% in State Quota, 100% in Deemed University, Management Quota, and Institutional Quota.

MCC conducts the NEET counseling for all the different Central, Deemed, and State Universities under the ESIC and Armed Forces Medical Colleges.

The state counseling authorities can fill up the 85% seats and 100% seats in the Deemed Universities based on the candidate’s merit lists.

Note: All the important notifications are posted on the official website

Factors affecting the NEET college predictor

Here are the factors that affect the NEET UG 2021 college predictor:

●    The number of students who are appearing for the NEET examination.
●    Previous year examination cut off, and it’s analysis.
●    The number of seats available in the different courses and different colleges.

How to use the Marks Badhao NEET college predictor

To use the Marks Badhao NEET 2021 college predictor, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Marks Badhao website and click on “College Predictor.”
Step 2: You need to fill in your details like your expected NEET marks, state, and the category you belong to.
Step 3: Wait for Marks Badhao AI to fetch the best list of medical college results for you.
Step 4: The page will show the list of colleges based on the information you entered. The list of colleges will be divided into three different categories: All India Quota (15%), State Quota (85%), and Deemed University (100%).

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NEET Exam FrequencyOnce in a Year
Total Number of Questions in NEET180 Questions
Total Marks720
Number of questions in each sectionPhysics: 45
Section A – 35 and Section B – 15

Chemistry: 45
Section A – 35 and Section B – 15

Zoology: 45
Section A – 35 and Section B – 15

Botany: 45
Section A – 35 and Section B – 15
Total Sections2 i.e. A and B
NEET Exam Internal Choice in Question PaperYes; In each section attempt only 10 questions out of 15
Marking SchemeCorrect answer- +4
Incorrect answer- -1
Type of QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
Exam ModePen and Paper Based (offline)
Duration3 hours
Language options in NEET13 languages: English, Odia, Hindi, Assamese, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi, , and Urdu.
NEET 2021 Exam DateSeptember 12, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions


1.    How can NEET college predictor help the students?

The NEET examination college predictor is a tool that predicts the chances of students to get admissions into medical colleges via NEET conducted by NTA. It shows the probability of getting admissions into the desired colleges depending on the ranks before the beginning of the counseling process.

2.    Is 520 is a good score for NEET 2021 examination?

Yes, 520 marks are considered to be moderately good marks to get into any decent medical college.

3.    Is 600 marks a good score to get into an excellent medical college?

If you aim for admissions via the state quota, the NEET 2021 score of 580 is considered a good score. However, medical aspirants who want to get into the top and best medical colleges need 600+ scores in the 2021 examination.

4.    How many hours of sleep should a NEET 2021 aspirant get?

According to the study, the NEET aspirants need a minimum of 6-7 hours of sleep, which helps relax the mind and body.

5.    How many hours should I study for the NEET examination 2021?

To prepare for NEET 2021 examination and get good marks, you need to study for 12 hours per day. If you want to excel in NEET, you need to devote more than half of your time studying for the examination.

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