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Are you interested in pursuing an engineering degree but not very sure of the possible avenues? Often, we see that it becomes a big problem for students to analyse the domain they want to go along with, specifically with a branch like engineering where the options are so many. This is where it becomes exceptionally important to focus on options that are sustainable and also best for the students’ domain of interest. As important as it is to focus on top engineering colleges in India and ways to get into the same, it is equally important to understand the entire working process.

Engineering is a challenging field, where making a mark is difficult considering the increase in the competition rate. As thousands of engineers pass out every year and yet the job opportunities offered are quite less. What makes a mark here? Well, it is certainly an amalgamation of factors like college repertoire, aptitude, faculty, and other important aspects that play a deciding role. 

In this article, we have tried to put forth the top 10 government engineering colleges in India, along with the potent exams to seek admission and placement factors once you have completed a degree from the college.

List of Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

top 10 Govt. engineering colleges in India

In government engineering colleges in India, the entire education system is set up by the government due to a lack of private ownership. From the syllabus to the faculty, working mechanisms, each and everything is set up by the government bodies. A striking factor of top government engineering colleges in India is that the number of seats is quite less and the fees charged is very low! The top 10 engineering colleges in India include:


Being an IITian is a matter of pride because of the weight that the institution brings with it. The Indian Institute of Technology, popularly known as IIT, is one of the best options among the top 10 government engineering colleges in India. IIT is one such college that has quite a few branches in other parts of the country. However, the one in Kharagpur is usually assessed to be the best of the genre. Founded in 1951, this institution has been the central point of some of the best educational activities when it comes to government Engineering colleges. The institution gets its fair share of accreditations, and one of the sole reasons behind it is the faculty. Some of the best minds from the field are lecturers in the college, and that is what makes the institution top the list!

Indian Institute of Technology (Madras):

The Indian Institute of Technology located in Madras rightfully occupies the second-ranking in the top 10 engineering colleges in India. Hailing from the genre of the IIT family, the Madras branch is also a great haven for all engineering enthusiasts. The best thing about this institution is that you can be more inclined to practical learning and this genre also gets the appropriate attention, just like theoretical learning.

The institution was founded in 1959, and since then, it has stood as a rock-solid foundation of potent engineering-based learning. The best thing about IIT is that it is certainly a matter of pride, and you have to be very well-versed in the field to make your standing. It is one government engineering institution that offers you the most interesting set of resources so that students can get a fair chance at realizing their potentials.

Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology, Allahabad:

Rightly addressed as one of the most promising NITs in the country, this institution is a place of national pride for all the right reasons. Since the very inception of the university, it has been the focal point of the most promising minds and has seen some wonderful personalities in the field of engineering. Securing a position in this top government engineering institution is not easy, however, it is certainly not an impossible job as well. The best thing about NIT Allahabad is that you get an array of the best tools that will help you to actualize your potentials at the earliest.

Established in 1960, it has been 60 promising years that the institution has been founded and not even for a day has their quality of education been compromised. The motto is always to find the best minds and train them in the most promising demeanour to get the very best out of them.

Indian Institute of Technology (Roorkee):

The listing for the top 10 government colleges in India would remain incomplete if we do not talk about IIT Roorkee. This institution has been promising and has delivered the best minds of engineering, and today it stands with pride having some of the best faculties whose constant endeavours is to bring out the very best in the students. The atmosphere offered at the college is simply marvellous, and every wall of IIT Roorkee is par excellence. It is very difficult to be a part of this esteemed institution, however, with the right kind of preparation, it is easier than it seems to be.

This particular branch located in Roorkee has been the focal point of major developments, and some students have even represented India in various international dissertations and won with dignity and pride.

Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur:

Located in the district of Howrah, this prestigious institution located in Shibpur has been the birthplace of some of the most revolutionary engineers who top the field in today’s world. With the best of faculty and infrastructure, they have been able to train engineering minds in the most practical and applicable format. The students who have passed out from this institution have a clear understanding of engineering as a field and what they can do to alleviate people from distress.

The major learning from this institution has always been focused on the factor that being an engineer is not about earning money only. It is also about what one can do and help society in a better way so that the common masses are uplifted. A little bit of hard work and perseverance is needed not only to get a seat in the institution but also to stick to it because of the rigorous regimen.

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi:

You might be wondering why is it so that we are mentioning the same name of the Indian Institute of Technology so many times in the list of best government engineering colleges in India. However, it is to be kept in mind that each location has its own merits and demerits, which alters its position in the ranking list. IIT Delhi is yet another dream destination for the most ingenious all across India, who work day and night to secure a position in this institution. IIT Delhi is known to offer a myriad of courses in engineering, and you can choose the specification which suits you the best.

This particular branch of IIT located in Delhi is known for its different kinds of teaching regiments where the students are given an onus to focus equally on practical learning. There have been some notable alumni of this institution, who have elevated the name of this prestigious institution even more.

Delhi College of Engineering:

Also addressed as the Delhi Technological University, this college is known to be one of the great places, if you want to pursue engineering. Although founded in 1941, it was only in 1952 that the college started giving out formalized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Engineering. Securing a number good enough to be qualified in the Delhi College of Engineering is tough but not impossible keeping in mind that you work hard enough for the entrance exam.

The environment in the college is very promising and offers you a positive place for growth in the field. There are various arrangements made for students to focus on practical learning to develop their potential to do something new. 

The college is known for its promising set of faculties who are very renowned names in the field of Engineering and know exactly how to guide the students with the very best of the field.

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur: 

The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is yet another part of the promising IIT family that has got the best Government Engineering Colleges in  India. Just like any other branch of the college you have to go through an entrance exam where your marks will decide the domain you can get admitted in. IIT Kanpur is known to be a very well-developed branch in the field of electrical engineering and is known to provide the best resources as well as faculties for the same.

The IIT Kanpur was established in the year 1959, and since then they have been par excellence in the field of training engineers for the country. They do have regular placements as well just like any other domain of IIT, which offers students with promising job roles.

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai:

Popularly referred to as ICT, Mumbai, this institution was founded in the year 1931 and for 88 years they have trained students with utmost precision and dignity. Not only in Mumbai, but ICT also has branches in various other parts of the country like  Bhubaneswar and even Marathwada. The major focus of education in this Institute is towards chemical engineering and other branches of chemical technology. The best thing about this institution is that it has a fair merit-based entrance examination which ensures that the right students get the deserved seats.

They are also known to have the best resources when it comes to chemical engineering because the scopes of practical learning are much more in this particular field of engineering. If you are highly interested in the chemical domain of engineering and want to pursue a highly aligned course in this domain, ICT emerges as a trusted name in the list of top government engineering colleges in India.

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela:

The discussion on the top 10 government colleges in India would be incomplete without the mention of the National Institute of Technology in Rourkela. This particular institution has been the very core of training the best engineers who have been known to provide great value to engineering. NIT, Rourkela, as most would know, is an Institute that is often referred to as national pride, and it is the quality of education rendered that has led to this positive identity throughout the country.

Not only that, the institution is known to have tie-ups with the most promising companies globally that offer the students handsome job roles with really good compensation and a free domain to develop more!

How to Secure a Position in The Government Engineering Colleges in India?

A very disheartening yet applicable truth is that the number of aspirants who surpass the number of seats in government colleges in India is very less. Specifically, when it comes to engineering, some too many students aspire to secure a position, however, the number of resources that are being offered right now is not well enough. 

It is why you have to go through several entrance exams to ensure that you secure a position at least in one of the most promising engineering institutes in India. Another very true fact is that the number of aspirants for government colleges is much more when put in comparison to those who are trying for private universities.

Having said that, it is also very important to mention in this respect that securing a position in your dream government institute is not an impossible task, however certain intricacies are involved. Usually, there are a set of exams that ensures the college you are being accorded to depending upon your merit in the test. Certain institutions go by the nationalized exams like JEE Mains and Advanced, GATE, CUCET and similar others. It is also crucial to mention that there are certain government institutions whose own autonomous exams and the admission are based on the performance in these particular exams.

Does College Play an Important Role in Deciding Your Career in Engineering?

It would be wrong to say that when it comes to deciding your future in engineering, it is only the institution from which you pass that plays an important role in deciding. However, it would be wrong to say that an institution does not have any role at all because it is mostly in this case that we see the entire formulation of an engineer takes place. A student learns the basics of the field and also develops himself as a professional, depending on the course structure and the faculty. If these along with the resources provided are not good enough, then the aspirants can’t realize their potential to the fullest.

Do Government Engineering Colleges Provide Placements?

During placements, the institution itself ties up with various organizations and provides an in-campus hiring procedure where the students are given job roles depending on their aptitude and performance in the exams. In most cases, these placements ensure that the students get the right job opportunities and do not have to search for various options before they can start with their professional journey. However, A bitter truth is that in most cases, the government engineering colleges in India do not provide very promising placements, barring a few institutions. However, if you or someone who is not bothered about the campus placement and can manage to find jobs on your own, then studying under a government institution could be the best for you.


Engineering has given a lot of opportunities to aspirants throughout the years. With every passing has evolved more as a discipline and ensure that only the very best and hardworking minds are offered a position to develop their potentials in the field. 

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